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1 Sep 2015 Scopus is the largest citation database of peer-reviewed literature, with Author search: Search for a specific author by name or by ORCID  Open Scopus and enter Author search. Type in your last name, your first name, and click Search. On the next screen you will find your Scopus  Öppna databasen Scopus med hjälp av länken när du är I Scopus gå till Author Search, mata in ditt efternamn och ditt förnamn och  Scopus. Search for your name in the Author field (or by your ORCID): Scopus search interface. When your publications are listed, mark them  Hur är det med Scopus och Google Scholar/Publish or Perish?

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2. Otherwise  2 Oct 2020 Click Add ID > [choose type Scopus Author ID] > Find your ID in Scopus. This opens a Scopus author search, based on your name in Pure. 5 Oct 2017 The Scopus search pane in Publish or Perish allows you to perform a You can also use a Scopus author ID to find specific authors; see  9 Aug 2019 What is it?

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Your publications on Scopus may be spread over a number of different Author profiles, because these are generated automatically. Scopus author search: Make sure you switch the standard "Documents" search type to "Authors". Step 2: Selecting the correct entry from the author results We are lucky with our search for Stephen Hawking as Scopus' algorithms have already been able to automatically group different spellings of the name (Hawking, Stephen; HAWKING, S. W.; Hawking, Stephen W.; Hawking, S. W.) and present us just a single result. How to use Scopus to search for journal articles This short Scopus video tutorial takes you through the steps involved in searching for an author and viewing their profile.

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En Scopus sökning resulterade i det högsta antalet dokument (11 444 dokument), följt av en Web of Science search (10 943 dokument).

2020-11-03 · Find your Scopus Author ID. A Scopus Author ID is automatically generated the first time one of your publications is indexed in Scopus.. In Scopus, search for your name or one of your indexed publications and g o to your Author Details page (accessed by clicking on your name when it appears in a search results list, a source document details page, or a document details page). The next time you search in Scopus, gain more insight into your results by using the feature located at the top of your search results page.
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[] creates a Scopus Author Identifier for each published author, using an algorithm based. []. In this list are included authors with h-index greather than 3. If your personal data is not updated, you can edit your RePEc Author Service profile. If you find  Good options to search and follow citations and to analyse search results.

This information only applies to material that is indexed by Scopus. Enable Javascript support in the browser. To find the Scopus Author Identifier: Search for an author or an article they published. On the search page, click their name. The author's profile will open. You will find the Author ID underneath their name and affiliation details. How to search using Author Identifier: Click Advanced Search.
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Author  If you want to check whether your name is listed in SCOPUS database or not, just go to and choose “Author Preview” to search for author  Scopus is an electronic abstracting service, which covers nearly 18,000 journals, specializing in the scientific, technical and medical fields, but also providing  NOTE: The preferred method of searching Scopus is by Scopus Author ID. You can enter additional search criteria by  Select Scopus. Complete the form Login or Register. Find an author's publications. 1. Search by ORCiD if the ORCiD is up to date with publications.

To check your Scopus Author profile, visit the Scopus website (available when using the University’s IP range or via the VPN) or use the free to access preview version if your institution does not subscribe to Scopus). Choose the ‘Author Search’ tab from the Search menu and enter your details. Enable Javascript support in the browser.
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Scopus uses a powerful algorithm to match researchers' papers to correct author profile(s). The algorithm analyzes deep data such as publishing history, author affiliation and co-citation behavior, to create robust public facing profiles on Scopus, displayed as the Author details page. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world's research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities, Scopus features smart tools to track, analyse and visualise research.

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Harvard; Standard; RIS; Vancouver. Daugaard, L. M. (2015). Läsupplevelser på flera språk. Ett metalingvistiskt möjlighetsrum. APA; Author; BIBTEX; Harvard; Standard; RIS; Vancouver; 0More. Andersen, H. B. (1999). Questionnaire-based surveys of employees' perception of factors that  Open Access Journals invites authors from all over the world to contribute their Full text Scopus Indexes journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews : enter your search, limit to review.

For an author search results list, you can refine the results based on: With Scopus you can search and filter results in the following ways: Document search : Search directly from the homepage and use detailed search options to ensure you find the document(s) you want Author search : Search for a specific author by name or by Open Research and Contributor Identifier ID (ORCID) To view an author's profile, click on the name in the authors field on the results screen. The author profile includes information about the author, including affiliation, number of documents, number of citations, and publication history. This information only applies to material that is indexed by Scopus. An affiliation search returns a list of institutions with links to documents and a summary of the institution's research areas, collaborations, and publications. How. Follow these steps to search for documents and authors within those affiliations: On Scopus click the ‘Search’ tab. Select 'Affiliation search'.